Redashe Angled Rechargeable Extra Slim Light and Torch for Work

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  • Bright light: the slim light by Redashe has 15 high output SMDs that give approximately 600 lumens. Another setting can reduce the light output, increasing the battery run time. This lighting equipment has a high capacity rechargeable battery
  • High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery: the rechargeable light has a high power lithium-ion battery that runs constantly for 4 hours when giving high light output. The 4400 mAH battery has a charging system of Input – 100 – 240 VAC and Output – 5V 2A
  • Ultra Slim Light Material: the slim rechargeable light is made of aluminium and ABS plastic and has a slim but robust body that is designed to access difficult areas. The lamp body hinges up to 150° in 30° increments, which helps the operator use the strip light accurately
  • Built-in features: the bright rechargeable light has automatic charging cut-off that prevents overcharging. The built-in battery level indicator is also another feature of this lighting accessory. In addition to this, there are powerful magnets on the base for hands-free operation
  • Rechargeable light includes: AC/DC adaptor, 100 - 240V, USB plug, and USB charging lead


Having difficulty locating minute details due to lighting issues? Rechargeable slim light is the perfect solution for accessing difficult areas. The slim aluminium and ABS body of this ultra-slim light are strong and durable, giving a light output of approximately 600 lumens. The lithium-ion battery runs for 4 hours in full brightness mode and 7 hours in reduced brightness mode. The built-in automatic charging cut-off feature prevents overcharging. Power magnets make hand-free operation easier. This bright light has SMD – LED of 15 -7.5W. The lamp body can hinge up to 150° in 30° increments to make it easier to use strip light.