Yellow service plug mixed box set

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Service plugs are designed to stop fluid flowing out from pipes, hoses and other items.

The fluids in machines can include costly oils and liquids inside essential systems and service plugs will hold them in during repairs or pre-planned maintenance.

This will protect machines from corrosion and particles like dust, water, paint and pollution so no harm can come to hydraulic parts and components Its also resistant to all standard cleaning chemicals.

The plug can also be cut to size
Usage Information: For use in non-pressurised systems and vacuum systems!
Material: made of high quality oil resistant rubber
Temperature range: -25°C to +90°C

Product No. CH629603
Weight (g) 520
Content 4x diameter 1 - 10 mm, 4x diameter 4 - 23 mm, 2x diameter 12 - 43 mm