Engineer's Rechargeable Pen Torch with A Pen Clip and Magnet

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Brand: Comp Lighting


  • LED Engineers Pen: a pen suitable for engineers, doctors and other professionals that provide light of approximately 170 lumens through 6 high-powered SMDs on the front. Simple looking rechargeable pen
  • Torch Pen : This Torch has a main optical lens with 90-degree flood light area. The LED end torch has a focused light source of 70 lumens. Works efficiently in dim lit places. This single LED end torch gives 70 lumens
  • USB cable for recharging: the engineer's rechargeable light pen comes with a USB cable that can be charged for nearly 2.5 hours. The LED pen can work for maximum 2 hours despite constant use. The pen includes an easily visible charging indicator
  • The material used to make Light Pen: The engineer's pen with LED Light is made of aluminum and ABS plastic, which offer strength and durability. The light pen has illuminating work light and integrated pen clip and magnet
  • Impact Resistant Light Accessory: the dimensions of this light pen for engineers are 180 mm x 23mm x 20 mm. The pen has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that runs for a longer time and provides constant high power

Publisher: Redashe


The engineer's rechargeable pen with LED Light by Redashe is perfect for those who need to observe minute details. The torch pen has a single LED, which gives 70 lumens. The main light installed in this pen provides almost 170 lumens through 6 high-powered SMDs on the front. With lithium ion battery the pen works up to 2.5 hours with constant use. This engineer's light accessory has a durable and strong body made of aluminum and ABS plastic. Professionals, like doctors too, can use this LED light pen for efficient working. An integrated pen clip and magnet completes the engineer's pen. Aluminum lamp housing and visible charging indicator are some helpful add-ons in the engineer's pen.

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