Dowty Seal Washers In Kit Form - Metric Sizes

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Bonded washers ready made in metric sizes. It’s self centralising design was designed to replace copper style washers as they have the ability to withstand very high pressure.

Dowty seal washers are another name for these as they are also used to seal connections for mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

WASHER BOX: Keep the washers separate and in order with this special box..

MANY SIZES: Containing a total of 125 quality pieces over 7 popular sizes, we are sure there is a size for you.

OTHER USES: This has been used as a sump plug washer in cars because of its self-centralising properties.


High Quality Dowty Seals Also Known As Bonded Washers.

These washers have many uses:
In hydraulics, pneumatics and automotive.

7 different metric sizes:

20 x M8

25 x M10

15 x M12

15 x M16

25 x M18

10 x M22

10 x M24

These bonded rings are premium and made of a high quality and will give lasting service.