Redashe Rechargeable High Powered Torch with Long Battery Life

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  • Highlights of Light Torch: 1W high-powered torch with filtered lens and radiating 80-lumen beam of light
  • Structure of Standard Torch: lightweight and compact, designed ergonomically, and is provided with a cord
  • Rechargeable Battery: lithium-ion battery that lasts long and works for 3 to 7 hours
  • SMD Torch: comes with 6 SMDs that are stored behind an optical lens, producing a radiant light till 90 degree
  • Other Features: 6-way adjustable cam that makes the torch bend till 180 degrees


A perfect flashlight is the one that functions consistently for longer hours, is portable, and illuminates a wide area. Redashe Rechargeable Work Light provides you with these pivotal features and more. This work light has 1W power and has been provided with a filtered lens. The SMD light illuminates a field till 90 degrees and a 6 direction cam makes the torch flex up to 180 degrees. The battery is lithium-ionized and is rechargeable, making them durable torch function consistently until 3 to 7 hours. Arranged ergonomically, the portable torch comes with a wrist lanyard